About Dr. Stephanie Power

About Dr. Stephanie Power

Would you like to feel the same kindness and compassion you give to others?

Do you want to stop questioning your value and worth?

Are you ready to find more meaning and purpose in your life?

Are you looking to connect deeper with family and friends?

I founded Empowered Behavioral Health to help people seeking to live a deeper, more meaningful life. I have always had an interest in human behavior, especially how some of us struggle with a disconnect between our external world (what others see) and our internal experience (what we see). One of the most enjoyable aspects of my job is working with a client to explore how their early life experiences, current circumstances and belief systems contribute to this disconnect. By understanding how these dynamics create challenges in their daily experience and functioning, I help clients achieve self-awareness which ultimately empowers them to make the changes they want and need to improve their lives. Learning about yourself in such a deeply personal manner allows you the opportunity to really understand stuck points, repetitive problematic patterns, and other destructive behaviors that cause suffering in your life and serve as obstacles to your happiness and fulfillment.

Together we will set out on a journey to explore your core values and beliefs in a way that will enlighten and enliven you. I take a very active and collaborative role with clients, so as we are learning about you, I incorporate personally tailored skills to help you reach your goals. My style is to be genuine and authentic. I am honest and forthcoming in a warm, supportive manner, while also pushing you when necessary. Over time I will help you learn to see yourself through that same compassionate, curious, non-judgmental lens.

If you would like to learn more about my background and training, click here.

Please note that I do not work with children, nor do I see families or couples at this time.

Feel free to reach out to talk further about how we may best work together.