Presurgical Bariatric Evaluations

Presurgical bariatric evaluations are a required step (by both insurance carriers and the surgical program) before someone can have weight loss surgery (e.g., gastric bypass, sleeve gastrectomy, etc.). The decision about which procedure or whether or not someone can have surgery is ultimately the surgeons. The purpose of the psychological evaluation is not to decide if you can have surgery, but to help you identify your specific strengths and possible challenges in order to increase your chance of long-term success. My role as the evaluator is to make recommendations to you and the surgical group to facilitate the best possible outcome for you.

The presurgical evaluation process takes place over 2-3 sessions. The first two sessions will be the interview and assessment phase, and then I will review the report and my recommendations with you at the third session. A copy of your report will also be sent to your surgical program at your request.

For interested clients that had specific psychosocial challenges (e.g., stress, binge eating, depression, compliance/commitment struggles) identified during the evaluation process, we can discuss a plan to either work with me pre- and/or post-operatively or I can refer you to other mental health professionals who also specialize in this area.

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